BarelyEvil: Punk Jax in Leopard Top Schoolgirl Skirt and Knee High Boots


Blue Blood punk pin-up Jax always brings a smile to our face (and some other involuntary physiological responses as well) so it’s great to see another beautiful punky trouble-maker Barely Evil set of her. Generally, I like her bright mohawk best, but she really looks exceptionally pretty with this cool hair style as well. And I’m not even going to get into how hot I think pierced and tattooed punk schoolgirls in combat boots are!

SpookyBlog writes:

Jax absolutely could not look better than she does with this tiny schoolgirl skirt, knee-high boots and leopard-print bikini top. But I’ll admit I wouldn’t protest if she slipped it all off to show off her perfect body and awesome tats, which she does in this smokin’ Barely Evil set.

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