BlueBlood: Celebrates 1,300th Photo Set


Congratulations to Blue Blood on their 1300th set. Although, it looks like they are already up to their 1319th set as of today. Gotta love a site that updates every day with pictures like these. Sara X looks like she’s enjoying the party and I guess the question is do M&M’s melt in her pants as well as they do in her mouth. Blue Blood has about a week long mega site trial subscription available now for $6.66 too, so if you have not checked it out yet, it’s very worth while.

Blue Blood writes: just added its 1,300th photo set featuring beautiful counterculture erotica. A membership in the mega site includes all of the photographs and stories from Gothic Sluts, Barely Evil, Rubber Dollies, and much much more, including quality erotic fiction from established genre authors and Blue Blood’s world famous signature couples photo sets.

A candy and art-themed photo series, lensed by Amelia G and Forrest Black, and featuring Sara X is the thirteen hundredth set for 1,300 sets is a whole lotta sets. This series shows candy raining on Sara X in (and out of) her adorable multi-hued outfit and clocks in at almost 200 pictures. That is a whole lotta photographs. Amelia G and Forrest Black had been given an artist’s palette containing rainbow candies and frosting, in place of paints, by a four star hotel as part of another celebration of the arts. Sara X just happened to have the perfect rainbow shirt and socks to coordinate with their candy. Strong-willed, brutally honest, and of course very sexy, Sara X is just perfect for Blue Blood’s 1,300th set celebration. Sara X enjoys Nine Inch Nails, has studied piercing with Fakir Musafar, and has taught university pole-dancing classes. It is so inspiring when a series of found objects comes together like this for the perfect shoot.

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