BarelyEvil: Superna Wishes Everyone a Happy 420 Day


Weed and a beautiful woman! Two of the best things nature has ever made. With two of the best things man has ever made — tattoos that hugs the contours of her perfect curves and lighting that is just perfect. Not to mention the wicked art in the background. Blue Blood and Superna have really won my heart with this creative and daring set. My eyes were glued to the sticky scene on every fun-loving picture in the huge series in their members area. Happy 4/20 indeed.

SpookyBlog writes:

Those girls from Blue Blood’s Barely Evil are really really naughty. Today is April 20 and apparently tattooed vixen Superna is ready to celebrate. It is so incredible to see a set which is this unique and this sexy at the same time. She’s got that hard rockin’ bod with those beautiful breasts and amazing ink and the kind of hair you want to run your fingers through. I bet I’d want to feel her silky har even more if I were properly stoned. I want Superna to blaze me out. She must have a few pounds of pot on her in this 4/20 update from so I know she brought enough for everyone.

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