BurningAngel: Say Hi To Stellar!


BurningAngel introduces a new girl named Stellar this week, and she sure is a cute one. She’s got some really great tattoo work and a number of nice little piercings hidden away in her sexy little panties. BA seems to have improved their image navigation a bit, although I feel that 640 pixels in the maximum direction is a little small these days. I only bring that up because I want to see more of cuties like Stellar. She can make me some coffee in the morning anytime!

BurningAngel writes:

Meet Stellar: she makes a woman in the kitchen look so good, I think even Susan B. Anthony would agree! She can cook me dinner anytime…wait, make that all the time. A Capricorn in the kitchen is very rare… 🙂 Have a great weekend!


Joanna Angel

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