BurningAngel: Video: Dungeons and Dragons with Chapel!


The interview part of this video is really fun and sexy and Chapel gets bonus dork points for having a 20 sided dice thing tattooed between her breasts. That’s dedication. It theory, she fucks a ‘wood elf’ in the video, but the sex is all shot POV and he’s a bit beefy for a wood elf. He might be a woodsman, but he’s certainly no wood elf. Getting to see him fuck her titties and rub his cock on that new gaming tattoo is kinda cute, but I still think the intimate interview with Chapel was really the hot part.

BurningAngel writes:

Chapel took some serious time out from her favorite pastime, Dungeons and Dragons, to…relax…sort of…Well, ok, maybe not to relax, but rather to engage in her second favorite pastime: HAVING SEX…on camera! Now those are hobbies anyone could appreciate!

Joanna Angel

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