RubberDollies: I love the Sexy Green Eyes of Nikki Vega


BlueBlood’s Rubber Dollies stuff has been just blowing us away lately. We see a lot of really hot stuff (yeah, I know, it’s a tough job, LOL) but when these roll in, it’s like damn! I have such a crush on Nikki Vega too. She’s such a great example of what people interested in being involved in this genre should strive to be like. She has a great attitude, unique sexy style, beautifully conceived and stylish modifications, and even an awesome wardrobe that matches her special style. Just another fantastic choice over on Blue Blood.

SpookyBlog writes:

Blue Blood’s just posted another beautifully colorful series of dream girl Nikki Vega. Where do they find these amazing women? It’s like she was created in some sort of mad lab for gorgeous cool women. Check out that awesome body! Nipple piercings under tight shiny latex look really cute and the green on green really clinches it too. It’s like a Tim Burton pin-up or something. See the whole series, it’s worth it!

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