Bella Vendetta Flashing the Boardwalk


Looks like Bella Vendetta has been a very busy girl! We’ve been seeing her pop up on all sorts of cool sites, but this most recent set on BlueBlood’s GothicSluts is my favorite so far! It’s like getting to ride along with her all naked and stuff at the beach boardwalk. I love how the sunset highlights her unique chest scarrification and illuminates the bright orange materials she used when she made her cute Gothic anime’ inspired outfit. Bella Vendetta rules!

SpookyBlog writes:

Amelia G and Bella Vendetta are a great combination, if troublemaking is what you are looking for. Amelia and Bella recently spent an afternoon down on the boardwalk, causing problems, shooting sexy public flashing stuff for Blue Blood’s GothicSluts, and having fun. The girls couldn’t resist flashing on the rides and driving security nuts. Actually security was pretty cool about it and, fortunately, the girls got away with it, as usual. This series was shot by Amelia while they were riding the Pacific Wheel. The guy in the next car didn’t seem to mind the view much at all, as a matter of fact, they enjoyed it so much they rode it twice. Check the rest of the series out over on GothicSluts and see all the cutie mischief.

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