GodsGirls: Ursinae’s Layover Love-In

On her way to a porn film festival Gods Girls model Ursinae had a delay overnight in a cheap airport hotel.

Being smart as well as astoundingly sexy Ursinae decided to memorialize the weird night spent in a soulless depressing McHotel by taking her clothes off and taking pictures.

The striking, short-haired model with the pettite toned body and the graphically impressive body art was lucky enough to have packed some really good underwear on her way to Berlin (although I suppose you tend to pack sexy when you’re attending a porn filmfest).

She gets down to business immediately, in a pair of sheer tights and a top that uncovers all the most relevant body parts. All that’s really left then is to lose the pantyhose, and pose in every imaginable position in the small room.

Turns out delays aren’t always all bad, sometimes you get paid off, sometimes you get to see a hot girl taking naked pictures.

Gods Girls: Ursinae's Layover Love-In
GodsGirls writes:

Ursinae says : “On my way to the Berlin Porn Film Festival, my flight had been cancelled, and I’d been sent in a hotel room for 24 hours. I had no idea if I’d be able to fly the next day, I was exhausted and frustrated beyond measure to miss my friends and all the Berlin fun, but how could I *not* use this opportunity to shoot some memories of that weird, dark, lonely moment?”

Gods Girls: Ursinae's Layover Love-In

Gods Girls: Ursinae's Layover Love-In

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