Hankey’s Toys: New Solatok Shadowscale

Fresh off their AltPorn Awards Best Toy win for the beautifully designed Seahorse, Mr. Hankey is wasting no time releasing more exciting and unique toys. Now they have launched the super blunt Solatok. There isn’t much warming up as that broad head will open you up with a thrilling sudden shock that will have your eyes rolling back in your head. The thick ridged shaft graduating to an even girthier knott once it’s filling your body. I have not seen a lot of toys in this shape, so wide and blunt, especially with this level of sculptural detail, and I can’t wait to see some of my favorite performers doing shows with it. I love the firm texture Mr. Hankey gets with their medically certified platinum silicone, which has just the right amount of pliable give, but some people also like the softer texture which is also available. I do wish the base were a just a bit wider than the knott, but I realize I could just order it with the Vac-U-Hole if I want a little more security or space to hold firmly.

Also, Mr. Hankey is running a sale right now on their new XS Series, which we just wrote up in the latest AltStar Magazine, and the AltPorn Award winning Seahorse design, now available in vibrant metallic green too.

Mr. Hankey writes:

Are you ready for the blunt force entry of the uniquely shaped Solatok? This sexy, muscular draconic wolf cock will hold you down, penetrate you with it’s brutal blunt tip, slide inside with it’s stocky ridged shaft and then POP! – it’s got you locked on with it’s big bulbous knot. Your insides will thank you once again… Special thanks to Solatok Shadowscale, the sexy hermaphrodite.

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