BurningAngel: Janice Griffith Extra-Wet Squirty Fuck

Join Janice Griffith in this BurningAngel scene where you see her wearing some hot lingerie outdoors, displaying both her hot skimpy black outfit and her perfect physique, while the sun bathes her body and makes her shine even more.

After she’s allowed you to survey her sexiness, she takes things inside, where a hard cock is waiting for her, and she doesn’t waste any time before getting on her knees and opening her mouth to take the whole thing down her throat in a show of her spectacular sucking abilities.

Then, after she has gotten the cock ready for more, she gets fucked standing up, which is a cool position that lets you see her hot body as the cock goes in and out of her. The positions change to keep things engaging, and there’s one that will definitely capture your attention as much as her stand up fucking, because when she is riding that hard pole, you can actually see how her pussy wraps itself around it and seems to not want to let it get out, and you can hear her loud and erotic moaning throughout the scene, achieving such ecstasy that her pussy squirts several times, making things extra wet and hot before getting a thick thirst-quenching cumshot.

Burning Angel writes:

Well isn’t this romantic! One brunette Janice Griffith gyrates sexily in the sunlight wearing black gothic lingerie whilst waiting for her dark prince Xander Corvus to come find and fuck her. Simply the thought of getting his nice fat cock makes her pussy drip with antici…pation! That trickle of cunt juice turns into streams upon streams of girl cum once Xander starts pounding away at her precious twat! All squirts and smiles, Janice is the human equivalent of a waterfall, having strong squirting orgasms 30 god damned times! She might be the solution to California’s drought.

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