TheAriDee: Mirrored Sensual Trance

This set has a wonderful idea about it: you get to watch the gorgeous AriDee, but instead of looking at the action directly, you are watching her through a mirror. This fuels the fantasy of voyeurism to the max and gives the impression that you are admiring her as she is changing and pretending to be completely oblivious to your gaze.

This delicious moment of intimacy continues as AriDee disrobes and poses for a while, slowly modelling her clothes before removing them until she is completely in the nude, and ever-so-often acknowledging the hungry stare in the mirror, deciding to show it some more delightful teases, this time stripping down to nothing as she bares herself for you, and presents her natural beauty, further feeding your fantasy of lust through the mirror.


Orange you glad it’s October and you’ve got me to tease you all month long?

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