BurningAngel: My Killer Girlfriend – Part II

The second part of BurningAngel‘s amazing “My serial killer” is a mind blowing, hot, sweaty kitchen sex, and a bit of gore as well.

Joanna has her friends coming over, and they arrive while she’s doing the groceries.

Arya Fae and Ramon Nomar find themselves alone in the kitchen and thing get heated up. She’s getting her perfect pussy drilled over to counter-top and from time to time she’s stoping to suck on that rock hard cock. Ramon Nomar makes sure to lick off her juicy pussy before changing position and fucking her even harder, then he cums all over Arya Fae‘s face.

Carmen hears them talking and stabs them both. Check out the video as well for all the sexy and gory detail

BurningAngel writes:

Secret psycho Carmen greeted Joanna’s friends Arya Fae and Ramon Nomar as they arrived, and Ramon noticed she was a bit weird. Maybe Carmen is shy? Arya didn’t appreciate her checking out her man either, but they shrugged it off because she’s a lesbian anyway! The lovebirds get caught up in the moment and take full advantage of being alone in the kitchen, engaging in hot, sweaty sex on the counter-top! At least they were cum drunk by the time crazy Carmen stabbed them both to death when she heard them talking smack! Joanna thought the blondes would get along.. too bad.

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