CosplayErotica: Stacy’s gonna catch ’em all!

When Pokemon Go came out, everyone was crazy about it, including the very passionate fans of Pokemon, so it was only natural for Stacy to do a sexy cosplay of a trainer, customized to her own taste of course.

Stacy has a purple tight outfit with shiny leggings, and she’s even got a cute Pokeball to complete the look. And if the outfit isn’t really that revealing, wait until she starts to take off her clothes, it will be hotter than standing next to Charmander’s tail!

Stacy‘s got perky boobs and a great ass, and just wait until you see the video! She’s taking a small break from catching Pokemons to play with her pussy.

CosplayErotica writes:

“Lucky Catch” Model: Stacy

After establishing a game account, the player creates and customizes their own avatar in Pokemon Go with the very unique “trainer” outfit. Once created, the avatar is displayed on a map based on the player’s geographical location.

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