BurningAngel: Charlotte Sartre Is A Punk Rock School Girl

With a little black skirt and some pink plaid, I have to say that Charlotte Sartre has one of the best school uniforms I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, and lucky for all of us, she’s not keeping it hidden- which means you get to see it too. And you get to see her take it off.

Charlotte is one of the most adorable goth girls I’ve seen in a long time, with her jet black hair and her sexy as sin smile. Of course, the pink and black stripped stockings and her boots (with and without the rest of her outfit) make her all the sexier. The girl is just gorgeous, let’s face it.

Check out our feature interview with her, by EllaDKay in the current issue of AltStar Magazine!

Burning Angel writes:

Charlotte Sartre, you’re looking like an innocent punk schoolgirl that simply forgot her shirt at home, but we all know you’re twisted! Whatever you’re learning in class today, please teach us./blockquote>

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