Pleasure Artist EmilyTokes Does Anal Tease

EmilyTokes knows exactly how to please you with her sexy attitude and super-hot body, and today she’s using that amazing power of hers to give you a great boner that’ll make you twitch with pleasure.

She’s just taken off her top, revealing her perky and fantastic tits, and while she is there, kneeling on the floor all topless and sexy, she gets an idea, so she takes off her panties, which have a black and light-blue pattern to them, leaving them around her knees (a hot view already), and she starts to slowly lick and suck on her finger, getting it all nice and wet.

It is here that EmilyTokes slowly brings her finger down, and you think she’s going to start teasing her pussy with it, but what she’s got in mind is even better, as she starts teasing her ass, caressing it with her finger until It finally slides in with ease and she starts a fun anal play tease, which is exactly what you were secretly hoping she’d do.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

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