Burritos Help CortanaBlue Cum

The way to a woman’s heart is through food, and unbeknownst to her fans until today, the way to CortanaBlue’s orgasm is through a burrito. She begins her mind-bogglingly sexy cumshow by grabbing a vibrator and carefully caressing her clit with it, all the while screaming out burrito ingredients until her audience joins in and the cam chat fills up with food until CortanaBlue moans in sweet orgasmic pleasure.

The wetter CortanaBlue gets, the more diverse the food suggestions get. I even saw one screaming for sushi in desperation, trying to make her cum harder and faster. She rubs that vibrator on her, at this point, drowning pussy and lets out a moan that lets you know she is about to show you a moment you’re never getting out of your head. One… Last… Moan…

Burritos Help CortanaBlue Cum
Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Username: CortanaBlue
Gender: Female
Weight: 115 pounds
Height: 60 inches
Age: 25
City: Toronto, CANADA
Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Burritos Help CortanaBlue Cum
Burritos Help CortanaBlue Cum

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