ViciousFeline Is your Naughty Maid For The Evening

ViciousFeline has an incredible energy that gets you in a great state of mind on this show where she is wearing a super sexy French Maid outfit that goes a little see-through, so you get a peek of her tits before she takes it all off.

This gorgeous lady is also in a very horny mood tonight, and since she wants to tend to your every naughty need right away, she gets started by standing up and taking off her panties before the rest of her outfit follows. All so ViciousFeline can properly tease you with her tits and pussy in an enticing display that gets monumentally better with the hottest dirty talk you’ve ever heard.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

You can call me Feline. Im from Ontario Canada and im 28 yrs old. I have done many types of jobs in my time but none were great. After loosing my last factory job i decided to try Alternative Modeling, which led to the adult industry, camming specifically. I then started trying it out, decided to be my own boss because this is the best job Ive ever had. I enjoy people, being outgoing and literally entertaining. Ive always been a very open person and find that this type of work really suits me. So at 28 im diving head first into Modeling and Camming. I hope you come hang out in my chat and get to know me ?

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