RileyVega Paddles Herself Hard

The always adorable RileyVega was hanging out topless in her room today when I joined, showing us her magnifecent tits and peirced nipples. Then, she stood up and began brandishing her heart shaped studded paddle. She turned her black thong clad ass to us, and began to spank that delicious ass… HARD. How hard? Well it quickly went from turning her flesh pink, to the fine purple spots of capillaries breaking. She delivered so many hard spanks in rapid succession before turning to get the other cheek too!

You should seriously come check out RileyVega and see how hot this show gets, I suspect it will be as red hot as the welts from from the spankings. She loves what she is doing and it certainly shows!

RileyVega Paddles Herself Hard
Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Languages: English
Orientation: Bisexual
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5’6
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Green
Tattoo: Ask me!
Piercing: I have my vertical labret and both nipples

RileyVega Paddles Herself Hard

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