BurningAngel: Charlotte Sartre In Hot Pink

Charlotte Sartre is hot and in hot pink, she looks even hotter than ever. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, come on, just look at a couple of these pics and try to tell me you’re not smitten!

With her adorable smile and the look of trouble in her eyes, it’s hard to look away from this set, and let me say this set is wonderful (like most Burning Angel sets are, lets be honest) and this gorgeous girl rocks ever pose she makes here, leaving anyone who looks at these pictures sure to have hearts beating a little faster- and blood flowing a little differently than normal.

Burning Angel writes:

Your favorite goth Charlotte Sartre goes hot pink. Her fishnets get torn open so that her perfect pink starfish could receive a double anal pounding, so enjoy them accentuating her gorgeous little behind while they last!

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