BurningAngel: Rizzo Ford Gets A Wish Granted By The Orgasm Genie

After a particularly unfulfilling session with her girlfriend, Rizzo Ford decides that she needs to get herself off in order to salvage the afternoon. Just once, she thought, she would satisfy her needs by fantasizing about being fucked in every hole by a man. Little did Rizzo know that her clit held the key to eliciting The Orgasm Genie to be awakened from his slumber.

In this video from BurningAngel, Rizzo Ford is a lesbian who innocently wishes that she could have a man, if only one time. When that wish is miraculously granted, she dives in head first (literally!) and takes advantage of the opportunity thrust toward her. A mysterious stranger (Gage Sin) appears out of nowhere with a hard cock and meets her need for a skinny, tattooed man to fuck her in all of her holes.

Rizzo and Gage trade giving each other head before he takes control and uses her mouth like a pussy. Fittingly enough (barely!), he then goes right for her wet cunt, which only makes her more ravenous. Her wish is fulfilled when he pushes deep into her asshole. She gets off the way she so badly needed, and, as a bonus, she gets a thick cumshot before he vanishes into thin air.

Don’t worry, Rizzo’s girlfriend doesn’t catch her, but she does get a taste of Gage Sin’s “yogurt”!

Burning Angel writes:

Rizzo Ford is bored of the same old lesbian sex – it just wasn’t as pleasing the last time. Needing to rub one out, she went to town on her wet clit hoping for an orgasm and just wishing for a skinny tattooed guy with a nice dick to suck and mount.. and something magical happened!

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