StaggStreet: Marlo’s On Fire

Fire has many connections, in language and overall imagery, with the idea of sexiness: the first thing that comes to mind is to say something is “hot”. Fire – like sex – is unbridled energy, wild and lively. There are two aspects in this set that I love: one, Marlo Marquise actively handles fire, she juggles lit torches half naked while on a roof – the connection I mentioned before between fire and sex; two, she undresses on a rusty fire escape ladder, which – apart from symbolism – appeals to my fascination with dirty, decadent settings.

It’s overall a pleasure to look at Marlo in this set, she is – like many models in the Alt scene – both beautiful and talented, showing skills that go beyond showing off a tit in front of the camera.

StaggStreet: Marlo's On Fire
Stagg Street writes:

You may have seen this video interview I did with Marlo years ago for Karmaloop. Here is the full set from that shoot. Posing nude on a fire escape and playing with fire. Its one hot set. Check it out.

StaggStreet: Marlo's On Fire

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