Staggstreet: Marlo Marquise sunbathed and gorgeous!

What is more beautiful than to see a dark beauty in the perfect light, her every gorgeous feature highlighted and made almost surreal? After seeing Marlo Marquise in this amazing Staggstreet photo set my answer is nothing!

Marlo Marquise is sunbathing by a window, with nothing on but a pretty and subtle lingerie on, which she later takes off, and she looks so alluringly beautiful, you’ll have to rub your eyes to make sure you’re not dreaming. The sun rays fall on her every feature as if they wanted to touch this beautiful girl themselves, and the light and shadow play on her body are so erotic and arousing, you’re going to wish to see the entire photo set and more!

StaggStreet writes:

The last time I worked with Marlo we shot a couple fun sets in Brooklyn. This is one of those sets. Simple and yet so much going on. Like a quite Sunday morning.

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