StaggStreet: Rogizoid’s Fascinating Looks

Some photo shoots catch the eye by their choice of setting, or by the action they portray, but sometimes – as in this case – you just need the right choice of colors and a single peculiar beauty to attract all the attention you want.

Rogizoid is, on her own, a very interesting model. Her physical traits and accessories look like a wonderful mix of what the world has to offer and are a small round trip around the globe. The setting itself, filled with tones of golden ochre, contributes in giving a warm, pleasant atmosphere to the pictures, welcoming the viewer to take a closer look.

All this, to find a puzzling – and somewhat threatening – tattoo on Rogizoid’s belly that invites to “trample the weak”. Will you be strong enough?

StaggStreet: Rogizoid's Fascinating Looks
Stagg Street writes:

Rogizoid had this amazing vintage location to shoot in, that I was super excited about. Her more modern look next to a Tiffany lamp is the biggest definition of juxtaposition. She is wearing these vintage looking panties, which are pretty cute, while she still has them on.

StaggStreet: Rogizoid's Fascinating Looks

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