Staggstreet: Mesmerizing witch Penny Wren

What do you get when you put a hot babe in a park with a few candles and a bit of sage? You get an amazing piece of art, an erotically occult and mesmerizing sight.

Penny Wren is wearing sexy black lingerie, fishnet stockings and high heels, and her dark makeup and doll hair complete the witchy look. She uses a shawl to complete her sexy dancing ritual, after drawing a salt pentagram and burning sage.

Penny Wren takes off her lingerie, using only her shawl and when you see her round ass and perfect perky tits, you’ll be sure that magic does exist. Check out her entire photo set if these have gotten you bewitched!

StaggStreet writes:

Happy Halloween!! I shot this witchy set with Penny a couple years ago when I was shooting her for an art show that had a witch theme. The witch themed art show I showed a multiple exposure on film. During that shoot on film we decided to shoot some digital images too, which I realized are so sexy and fun for Halloween. In a park, with a pentagram made from salt, sage, knife and candles. Penny is always a pleasure to shoot, and she is the best blue head I have ever met.

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