Dawn Avril in a pleasurable balloons-popping session

Dawn Avril is in one of those moods of bursting up the temperature again. For this shot, she explores a sexual experience with inflatables. Without being fully naked, this hottie shows her erotic, explosive side by exposing her reactions to traditionally non-sexual objects. You know today is gonna be a great day if Dawn Avril is getting kinky again. She shows off her beautiful shape, and it has curves in every good place. To make it a more meaningful experience, some of the balloons she uses are blown up to resemble cocks. She certainly knows that she has a preference when the balloon gets her sexually excited, and her natural appeal makes us enjoy the good time she has as she satisfies her desires. She tries to suck a purple balloon as she imagines it is a large cock getting into her mouth. She also wants it in her ass, so she pleases her lustful needs by getting down in bed on all fours. Dawn Avril is a super-hot unique chick: her petite bare breasts and trimmed pussy are a total plus. Tattoos and socks make her a beautiful model to admire.

Dawn Avril writes:

I’ll do almost anything.. ALMOST… no one cup bullshit. HAHA! I love teasing you by teasing myself. I like fucking myself, fucking phil-flash, and kissing hot chicks… or fucking them.. whatever.

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