GodsGirls: Pichi makes a hell of a self-shot debut

DIY, or Self-Shot, are such nebulous terms these days. Most DIY sets have the assistance of another person behind the camera, and self shot sets are hot in a voyeuristic way but you tend to get an overdose of arms-length selfies in a set. For her debut on GodsGirls Pichi has tried something a little different. The purple haired Scot has gone the extra mile for site members, shooting everything in the set herself with a handheld camera remote that stays with her throughout her stunning striptease.

Pichi begins her set dressed in a little white vest and pink pants, and standing on a tiny strip of astroturf. As she loses the clothing it is plain to see from the expression on her face she’s having fun showing off her perky body for the camera, and us. And why shouldn’t she, she’s a great photographer and a great model. I can’t wait to see more from her at GodsGirls.

GodsGirls: Pichi makes a hell of a self-shot debut
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