GodsGirls: Erotic Angel Apneatic

Apneatic truly looks like an angel in this intense GodsGirls set where you can see her in a snowy setting with a white background, which helps maintain the focus of each image on this gorgeous model.

Her lingerie set is tasteful and hot, and the overall atmosphere that the images project is soothing and exciting thanks to the way she skillfully adds a high level of sensuality with each pose and enticing stare. Her shiny lips are also magnificent, and the snowy bits around her seem to melt whenever you see them in contact with her sexy body.

She starts the set by slowly drawing you in with her natural beauty, and she teases you a lot with the removal of her clothes. This waiting period makes the moment when she actually disrobes all the sweeter, because when she poses with her tits already out and her top is slipping down her body, and she then proceeds to tease you some more by pulling on her panties before removing them, she actually makes you feel like you are witnessing a heavenly scene.

GodsGirls writes:

“I went with sets where the girls were wearing really heavy and dark eye make-up, because I’m a total sucker for that.”

This set debuted June 2006.

GodsGirls: Erotic Angel Apneatic

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