GodsGirls: Ursinae Is Seductive In White

The beautiful Ursinae wrote her first blog post for GodsGirls in August 2016, and her debut photoset came just three months later after she was voted into the GodsGirls family by the fans (who definitely have very good taste). In her second set of pictures, this enigmatic creature is dressed all in white up against a bright white background.

Her many tattoos are visible with her clothing on, and they become more front and center as time progresses and the camera lens gets to see less clothing and more skin. We also find that her short brown locks are matched by a perfect patch of brown hair underneath her lacy shorts.

GodsGirls has provided us with this French delight who describes herself as a jill of all trades, and her personality is as interesting as all of her meticulous body art. Any person whose sexual fantasy includes a reference to etymology (the study of the origin of words) is somebody who I would be much obliged to learn about and explore further.

GodsGirls writes:

I wanna try it all, taste every flavors, travel everywhere, choose every colors. Life is too small for me.

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