Dirty motel room with an even dirtier CrazyBabe Gia

CrazyBabe Gia is one of the nastiest, sluttiest girls you’ll see this week. Naturally, I mean that in the most positive way possible! She’s getting proper down and dirty during this spicy shoot. The setting is a cliche motel room right out of a 70s flick. You know the kind people fuck and die in? Lady Gia is a perfect fit for the setting. Starting off disguised in a sleazy blonde wig and tacky attire she looks like a hot hooker, demanding to be objectified. Satisfaction guaranteed. Imagine yourself being transported into a world where anything goes; tonight you took tons of LSD, met a crazy very horny babe at a bar and took her to the cheapest, dirtiest motel for an insane night. The few hours that follow is what this set looks like. It’s sexual, vulgar, extreme, hot,… while you know it’s wrong it feels damn right.

Gia goes through various personas from Barbie slut to Rocker bitch, all of them crazier than the last. She shows off her pierced tits, sexy tattoos, plays naked with her tiny Chiwawa, and even brings some medical instruments into the dirty sex games. This set allows us to release the dirty bastard in all of us.

Gia at the Carlton Arms room A6
CrazyBabe writes:

Gia at the Carlton Arms room A6

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