TheAriDee: A Goth’s Soft Dream

Black has its own luster, its own personal vibration that resonates with some of us. You may like many colors, find them cute, nice or attractive, but when you resonate with black it’s not a matter of taste as much as a spiritual pull.

And when black frames the marble white flesh of Ari Dee, with full lips, deep eyes and a pair of tits which is very near my personal definition of perfection, you simply can’t hold back a shiver. You look at her and you ask for more, to know what’s behind that white skin inked with a Picasso, to know about the cute girl stripping under a picture of Herzog’s Nosferatu. Irresistible!

Ari Dee:

Goth emojis! Watch me strip out of my silly goth emoji crop top and sexy black panties! Once my top is off, there’s still plenty of goth goodness to indulge in with my black lips, long black nails, black thigh highs and naturally witchy black & grey hair. Enjoy my pale, tight goth body 😉

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