BlueBlood: Dorothy’s Edible Body Paint

Up until seeing this set by Dorothy I always had an idea in my mind about what “have your cake and eat it too” meant. After today, that idea is totally different. Once finding out about the Ultra Happy Alarm coffee table book, I’ve been on a bit of a Dorothy kick and it’s safe to say that this set is by far my favorite so far. It’s colorful, cute, very sexy, and very, very dirty.

Just take a look for yourself how this lovely lady has her cake all over her, and how she bends to eat to (too). She expertly paints her body with the contents and toppings. I’ve never thought of using icing as body paint but after this set I might be picking up a few tips from this gorgeous girl! Something I really want to talk about, though. Dorothy has this amazing coffee table book coming out, Ultra Happy Alarm, that is a collection of her photos, her drawings, and a few other things to surprise you which I think has the perfect title. Well, anything with Happy in there would be perfect because from what I’ve seen, this book is going to make you happy- there’s no doubt about it.

Blue Blood writes:

Photographer Clix says he was especially impressed in this shoot with Dorothy how she “motorboats the cake…goes to town with strawberry syrup” and how “doing an amazing handstand she scorpions herself into the strawberry shortcake cake, then does a dramatic faceplant.” If you enjoy Dorothy a.k.a. Audra a.k.a. Happy Alarm’s work, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter. Just seeing how adorable she is in the Kickstarter video is worth the click.
–Amelia G


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