GodsGirls: Miss-Lolo Bear better have my honey

GodsGirls never runs out of pretty girls, do they? One of the prettiest newcomers is Miss-Lolo and she just posted a stunning debut photo set entitled “Bear better have my honey”. I love a girl who both sexy and cute, and she’s definitely both, and this photo set proves she’s both and more. Miss-Lolo is wearing a big fluffy bear costume, and she is posing ferociously and cute at the same time, then she starts taking the costume off very slowly, throwing provocative looks at the camera, and wait until you see what is underneath! Miss-Lolo shows off her amazing body and delicious curves, then she pours honey all over her big boobs, taking the photo set to a whole new level of hotness. Check it out!

GodsGirls writes:

Hey gods girls and guys (:

My debut is here!! Bear Better Have My Honey is now live <333 *pikkkss!*

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