Dorothy And Chikkin Get Cheeky With Some Cake

Ever heard you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Yea, this set is all about proving those words wrong. Chikkin and Dorothy sure know how to decorate a cake, and they sure know how to have some fun with it!

According to the write-up, Chikkin is pretty new to the site and I’d like to offer her a huge welcome! I love the set and I can’t wait to see more of her. The first time sure was a pleasure! However, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen some of Dorothy’s work and I always love what she brings to the table! Which happens to be one of the reasons I can’t wait for the coffee table book to come out (for more info, check out this video). Okay, okay that was a bad pun. But it’s true! The book is going to be killer.

Blue Blood writes:

I’d like to welcome model Chikkin to the site and also photographer Clix. I love the vibrant fun energy Clix gets in his photography, so watch for more of his work coming up here. On this shoot, Clix says, “Dorothy and Chikkin making messes together in Florida! These two adorable ladies got completely covered in all of the goop. Dorothy’s look of amazement as the marshmallow fluff stretches was simply priceless. All of the colors blended together in seamless wonder through this shoot.” If you enjoy Dorothy a.k.a. Audra a.k.a. Happy Alarm’s work, I highly recommend checking out the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter. Just seeing how adorable she is in the video is worth the click.
–Amelia G


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