BurningAngel: Nikki Darling and Bill Bailey play PokePussy!

What do you do when you go out to play Pokemon Go and you find a hot one in need for some good training? Well, Bill Bailey has the answer to that problem, should it ever happen to you.

Bill Bailey came across Nikki Darling and she was looking forward to a one on one hardcore training session. Needless to say, he was more than happy to indulge her, after all, who can resist high heels, stockings, and a smoking hot body?
Nikki Darling is very kinky, and she like to be poked in her wet pussy and tight ass, and handsome Bill Bailey knows just how to power up this naughty girl. Make sure you watch the video as well!

Burning Angel writes:

Nikki Darling appears out of thin air as Bill Bailey tries to catch creatures while playing Pokemon Go outside – this is just what happens when you catch a shiny! This augmented reality stuff is getting way out of hand! Like a good trainer, he offered her some candy, but that wasn’t what she wanted – she may be a rarity, but she’s weak, and needs special training from her new friend. Using his pokedick in her tight pussy and ass to power up her CP, she was going to collect all his stardust, and by that we mean cum – it’s more effective than a hyper potion after battle!

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