BurningAngel: Happy Birthday Rain Summers!

What makes a great birthday party? Well, it varies, but I think a good start is great friends, something good to eat and lots of fun. True, my memory can’t find much birthday parties like the one Joanna Angel and Small Hands arranged for young Rain Summers, but I guess this is the kind of perk you get for being a beautiful ex-stripper.

Having found two friends to enjoy, she only needs to find some fun and something good to eat, and why not mixing the two as she gets down to business on both of them? She sure knows how to blow… the candles! I got myself a lot of ideas for my next birthday.

Burning Angel writes:

Pretty porn newbie Rain Summers celebrated her 19th birthday with Small Hands and I shooting her very first porn scene ever in a previously recorded live sex show. That’s a first time she’ll never forget! We were her cake. Watch brand new live streams weekly in the Burning Angel chat room!

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