GodsGirls: join Emma Summers on her naughty “green” escapade

Do you love nature as much as you love ass and pussy? Well, do we have something for you at GodsGirls! Our very own Emma Summers takes a stroll in the forest, stopping on the way to put on a sexy show.
The theme is definitely “green” here; from her surroundings, her flirty outfit, and her green hair – even her pubes match! She’s also a fan of a special green herb herself – she smokes pot from her pipe, while casually playing with her pierced tits.

There’s even some light bondage rope-play and a dildo involved. Without spoiling too much I can say one thing: things get wet 😉
Enjoy this natural beauty as she relaxes with her water pipe, showing off her big tits and amazing ass, playing with her sweet pussy and pleasuring herself. Emma proves she knows how to have a good time outdoors. This cutie definitely makes me wanna go camping with her!

GodsGirls writes:

Nerdy girl Emma Summers looks sweet and innocent. Let her show you her mischievous side; swatch her show off her sexy body, play with her pussy, and smoke her water pipe all while enjoying some fresh air.

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