AltPorn4u: Elfdaj white goth beauty

This girl is absolute perfection! Elfdaj is like a porcelain doll sculpted by the gods themselves, and you could swear she’s one of those custom made dolls because she’s flawless, surreal. Where do I begin to describe this amazing set? First of all, everything is pure white, but still, has that goth allure we all love and lust for. Secondly, the outfit is simply amazing, corset, high heels, short skirt and the sexiest garter belt with lace stockings, again, fucking perfect. Elfdaj has a few pretty tattoos, perfect body and flawless skin, that and her white hair and big eyes along with that outfit will leave you speechless, make sure you check the entire gallery for more of this exquisite beauty!

AltPorn4U writes:

odel: Elfdaj

Photographer: Studioivolution

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