BarelyEvil: Penny Poison’s pretty insides on speculum

BarelyEvil‘s Forrest Black shot the lovely Penny Poison for a very special photo set. I just adore this girl with all her awesome props and dark makeup and attitude so I was more than pleased to see this set. The model is only wearing a corset and high heeled boots, and she’s posing amazingly arousing. She’s sitting on a big chair, stretching her mile long legs wide open, throwing a perverted look at the camera before stretching her perfect pussy with her fingers for a delightful closeup. Penny puts the speculum inside her tiny cunt and looks like she enjoys it a lot, then looks up to the camera with that perverted evil look again. After that she bends over and puts the speculum inside her again, then she takes it out and licks it with her devilish split-tongue.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Of all the unusual items an individual can insert, I have a soft spot for the speculum. In this shoot, lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black, Penny Poison shows she is pretty on the inside too 😉

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