Bad Max: Masuimi Max like a jawbreaker

Who left the can of paint opened? Masuimi Max is a little naughty girl, look at that gaze! She gives us a gift, an incredible photo set in front of the wall where it seems she has spilled a multicolored paint. This is another Bad Max post -and if you ask me, I think it’s a very well done photo shoot. To my mind, she is part of the work, wearing a synthetic dress, which is spouting different colors and at the same time, she transpires sensuality, not just for the neckline, but her red lips and the contours of her body show that she’s in shape. She tries several poses during the shoots -some are pretty funny, but when she takes her dress off, the thing goes hot. She looks horny, and her mischief takes strength. She revels her bare boobs (yes, I know they’re big), and her tattoos combine with the wall. But wait -oh oh, her dress is broken in the crotch zone and alleluia! Her pretty pussy appears, which makes us a little bit excited. And of course, she takes the whole dress off and you know, Masuimi is always a jawbreaker. I can’t ask for more to Bad Max. Or… Wait a minute, I can!

Masuimi Max writes:

63 photos: Morat 666
latex: Latex Catfish
makeup: I AM SIN

Where am I? Where does my outfit begin and where does it end? Guess you’ll find out towards the end! ?

XOXO, Masuimi
P.S. Girlfriend set going up next!

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