RazorCandi: Empress Centauri

This photo set is definitely making my favorite list, the gorgeous RazorCandi has given it a fit name, “Empress Centauri”. This photo set has everything I love about the alternative model world. It’s provocative, it’s sexy and kinky, it’s dark, weird and different, and it’s definitely goth. RazorCandi has a lovely hairstyle, and a flawless dark makeup and all the spikes, chains, high heels and torn fishnets make it extremely arousing. I love how the one piece accentuates her perfect boobs and every inch of her flawless body.

RazorCandi also uses a purple diamond anal plug to complete the extremely arousing photo set. Words are poor to describe the perfection of this flawless dark beauty, make sure you check the whole gallery, every picture is a fucking work of art!

Razor Candi writes:

Though lots of my sets include elements from the goth and fetish lifestyles I felt the urge to really focus on creating a look that I probably would have done ten years ago when I was fully absorbed in the deathrock style. This set also verges on the cyber goth side, I always love throwing elements like the lack of eyebrows into a look just because it’s weird and different. Clearly I was going for a very otherworldly alien type look for this set which is why I felt Empress Centauri was a fitting name, and of course I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring out my purple diamond toy plug for this one! Hope you all enjoy this more extreme look 🙂

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