GodsGirls: Aldis Sleepless

Aldis recently published her first GodsGirls photoset, entitled “Sleepless”, and after seeing it I must say I think she was born to be a GodGirl. She is very open minded, smart, full of talent, and she has a lot of energy, after reading her info I’m thinking “Is there anything this hot girl can’t do?” The photo set is very up-close and personal, she is somewhere in a bedroom, getting comfy and sexy, and since she can’t seem to be able to sleep, she takes off her clothes to takes some erotic pictures and amaze us with her delicious curvy body. The poses she takes are arousing and inviting, and every picture seems to reveal more and more of her perfect features. In some of the final shots she plays with her fingers around her pussy for a little tease and a bit of fantasy for the viewer, while her big pale boobs are complimented by the light.

GodsGirls writes:

I am so excited to announce that my first set, “Sleepless”, is now up and active! I am so happy and proud to see my pictures up here. I’d love for you to go check them out and tell me what you think!

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