AnimeAnnie Wants to Make Dildos

The first thing you notice about AnimeAnnie is her killer body with those gorgeous tits. But you stay for her energetic personality and ready smile. Also the gorgeous tits. Anyway, AnimeAnnie says she is allergic to a lot of the things dildos are made with. But she loves fucking herself with toys and the weirder the toys are, the more she is into it. I’ve personally seen AnimeAnnie fuck, not only big rubber cocks, but big rubber tentacles. So she’d like to get into casting silicone, which I totally think she should do on cam because it would be so fucking sexy and cool to watch a hot girl like AnimeAnnie
making herself the perfect the dick. Right now, AnimeAnnie is demonstrating her cock creativity with WTF googly eyes on one of her big veiny dick dildos and it is pretty hilarious. She also says that last night she “may or may not have ordered 7 inch googly eyes.” What is she going to put those on? Only way to find out, I guess, is to tune into her live stream, which is free when you make yourself a profile.

AnimeAnnie Wants to Make Dildos
Sexy Cam Girl writes:

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