RazorCandi: When business meets erotic!

RazorCandi means serious business, seriously ardent, that is!

This time she surprises the viewer with a more “modest” look, as modest as she can get of course, because she never ceases to amaze her fans, from looks, to makeup and themes, she’s perfection illustrated. And speaking of illustrated, this set is bound to fulfill that fantasy we always had of the smart chick who’s a secretary, librarian or teacher, you know what I mean.

RazorCandi is wearing a somber black outfit, black stockings and black shoes, a big cross necklace and of course glasses. She’s walking around an office, making lascivious poses, inviting the viewers to give course to their fantasy. She’s making sure we get to see every angle of her sublime body, and then she lays down on a couch and starts playing with her pierced cunt under her see trough stockings. There is also a video for this set and its just stunning.

Razor Candi writes:

Secretarial but not quite, gothic school girl but not quite, librarian but not quite

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