Top WTF Show This Year?

WhoreNickels‘ shows are generally insane, but tonight they are reaching a new level of incomprehensible insanity. They are cosplaying the impending American Presidential debate, in character! They even have the crazy talking frog that literally says whatever the audience puts in their tip comment. Listening to phoux-Trump talk about ‘his’ penis size and building a wall around mfc for alien models don’t “steal our jobs” and Hillary is just as nuts. It’s seriously hilarious and far too close to what the real debates sound like. YOU HAVE TO GO SEE WhoreNickels right now! Trump says he will cock slap Hillary for 700 tokens.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

My shows can vary wildly from day to day, but the following tip menu is always available (unless stated otherwise in room topic).

3 Spanks for 99 | Flash 222 | Shots! 333 | Friend Add 505 | Snapchat forever 1000 | Signed art print 1337 | Beer chug 1500 | Entire video collection 3333 |24hr Cum denial 6666 | Undo cum denial 5555 | INSTANT 12-hr camathon 13,000

Combos are displayed on the bottom right corner. Combos are made by tipping 2 or more times in rapid succession. You can tip any amount you want, as combos are cumulative. IE tip 2 tokens 5 times in a row = 10x combo. Tip 5 tokens 5 times in a row = 25x combo!

C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! Tip to interrupt anybody attempting a high combo and reset the combo counter.

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