GothicSluts: Malice Is A Deathrock Seductress

If you’re a fan of punk babes you must already know the mighty Malice from her crazy rock-n-roll life and her gorgeous GothicSluts photos. In case you’ve been living under a rock and have no clue who this iconic punk-rock bombshell is, this is your chance to get cozily acquainted. In this set, Malice helps Amelia G and Forrest Black with their cover for their California Deathrock book and you can definitely see the death rock part! Things obviously get a little wild along the way. In a very 80’s inspired punky biker getup, Malice strips from her custom leather jacket and looks just as hot as she does menacing.

She may seem undefended with her amazing chest piece and glorious breasts just there for you to take, but make no mistake: you are her prey. Like most predators, she will hunt you and lure you in, showing you her perfectly shaped legs and bending over so you can get a bit of a pussy peak but in the end she will pounce.

Her attitude, facial expressions and super banging body are her weapons and trust us, Malice knows exactly how to use them. You don’t trust us? Head on over to GothicSluts and try to resist the sexual power of this death rocking seductress.


GothicSluts: Malice Is A Deathrock Seductress

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

california-deathrock-front-cover-279x400This set is certainly very sexy in its own right and this series was actually part of the process for me and Forrest Black photographing Malice for the cover of our brand new California Deathrock coffee table book. Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole series. Malice was really on the same page with us artistically. She understood what we were looking to express with the book and she brought her A game to the shoot with her amazing deathrock hair freshly re-dyed and flawlessly dramatic. Malice is dangerously pretty and super sweet and a nice person. Enjoy what we created together here.
–Amelia G


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