CrazyBabe: Alligator Girl at the Lincoln Tunnel Motel

CrazyBabe‘s Alligator Girl is back with another sexy shoot in a sleazy New Jersey motel. Starting off dressed in a seductive pink plaid skirt and black tank top, Alligator Girl becomes more desirable as her gorgeous tattoos and tantalizing nipple rings are revealed. Armed with a small army of plastic animals, a dildo, and a candle, Alligator Girl entertains us with her expressive face, supple breasts, and beautiful shaved pussy as she finds creative ways to have a good time all over the hotel room. With over 300 pictures of this sexy chick’s gorgeous body, it is difficult to pick just one favorite picture. If I had to choose favorite part of this series though, it would be the fun shots of Alligator Girl splashing around and playing in the bath with all her toys. I keep wishing I could be Alligator Girl‘s plastic alligator in this shoot. I would love to get my mouth all over her like that lucky toy does.

Have a sample peek at this fun CrazyBabe series of sexy Alligator Girl.

crazybabe alligator girl
CrazyBabe writes:

CrazyBabe: Alligator Girl
Pics Shot at: The Lincoln Tunnel Motel NJ
Number of Pics in this Feature: 317

crazybabe alligator girl

crazybabe alligator girl

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