Love Under Will, Pillow Forts, and Watersports

LoveUnderWill42 is a polyamorous couple out of Texas. I don’t think of Texas as being a place with a lot of cool alternative stuff, but LoveUnderWill42 is evidence that there is some coolness in that part of the world. When she describes trying to get her blue and black (super hot) hair cut in Texas, however, she says the hairstylist didn’t know how to do a David Bowie haircut. He makes funny gestures behind her, while she talks about her hair. She looks damn good anyway. “Who likes watersports?” she asks and raises her hand with a sly naughty grin. Someone brings up pillow forts and he says they should do a pillow fort show because “who doesn’t like pillow forts?” I like that pillow forts and water sports rhyme and I’m hoping all come into play tonight. These two seem like a lot of fun, like real (hot) people you’d know in real life, and it is free to sign up at Chaturbate and chat with them and see where the evening takes us all.

Love Under Will and Watersports
Chaturbate Profile:

Loveunderwill42’s Bio and Free Webcam
Real Name:Love Under Will
Birth Date:Aug. 23, 1994
Interested In:Men, Women, Couples
Location:Texas, United States
Body Type:
Female:Damn Sexy
Smoke / Drink:Indeed
About Me:
We are a polyamorous couple from Dallas Texas. Hes 25 and she is 18. This is our first experiment in the cam world. At some point we might have others join us men or women we both like them all :).

Our curiosity has no limits. Please don’t be shy about chatting with us – it’s not just about the sex… Well, it’s very much about the sex, but we’re also here to connect with you and make you happy…. with sex. 😉

That being said, we have two words when it comes to disrespect; “ZERO TOLERANCE”. If you don’t like what you see, that’s your right, but just leave. Trolling and bullying will not be tolerated for one second.

Let’s have fun! <3

Love Under Will and Watersports

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