ElectroSluts: Krysta Kaos In Electrical Suspension

The fresh faced tatted beauty Krysta Kaos has returned to the lair of her Mistress, Bobbi Starr. Krysta has no clue what she is about to endure. This is probably one of the most interesting ones I have seen. Krysta Kaos is poked prodded electrocuted. Her nips are put in a pair of clamps so tight it appears they might pop off any second.

Krysta Kaos is then suspended in mid air in one of the most intricate rope suspensions I have ever seen. Mistress Bobbi then proceeds to use the biggest vibrator on Krysta’s cunt. Feet off the ground Krysta bounces up and down looking kinda like a ballerina. Mistress Bobbi is continually shoving the vibe up into Krysta‘s twat. Krysta Kaos pleads for mercy but there is none. Mistress Bobbi must have her way until she is satisfied. I enjoyed watching this for some reason. I love watching Krysta. The dynamic between her and Bobbi Starr is so real. You will feel like you’re in the room with them.

Have a peek at the free video trailer and sample photo set from this hot and kinky Krysta Kaos Electro Sluts scene.

Electrosluts: Krysta Kaos In Electrical Suspension
Electro Sluts writes:

This is Krysta‘s part three of her ElectroSluts series and I bring this adorably, tattooed girl into an intense session of electro sex and lesbian BDSM. While in a partial suspension, Krysta is wired up with fine copper tape along her thigh and calf.

With the other leg tied up and out of my way her cunt is exposed for me use. I fuck her pink pussy with the samurai, turning the electricity up and down, until the cum dripped down the shaft of the metal dildo.

Enjoy this amazing round with Krysta. She’s tough and nails and submits to my electricity beautifully.

Electrosluts: Krysta Kaos In Electrical Suspension

Electrosluts: Krysta Kaos In Electrical Suspension

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