EroticFandom: Hot Batman Fangirl Ruby Violence

APN favorite and all around sexy fun girl Ruby Violence returns with this hot and playful EroticFandom update, from the BlueBlood network of sites. We really like Ruby‘s attitude and this series looks like a sexy good time. She’s got a whole outfit of Batman fan gear and I particularly like the knee socks! Once she pulls off the Batman panties, there are a number of very sexy shots of Ruby Violence cute ass that I really liked and she’s generally looking fantastic. The weird Bat-lair environment really works for this set, but I keep imagining Alfred walking in on Ruby as she rubs her leather gloves on her nicely shaved bare pussy. Now we just need a Cosplay Cat Woman to join in and we’d be set!

EroticFandom Hot Batman Fangirl Ruby Violence
Erotic Fandom writes:

In honor of this shoot going live, Forrest Black and I watched the most recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, which just hit cable. Dark Knight 2 was much more political than I would have guessed from its buzz. Maybe I’m just a softie for guys who rock a post-apocalyptic goth-industrial look and want to change the world. Anyway, Ruby Violence is such a pleasure to work with and she looks mighty fine taking off the Bat Signal gear.
–Amelia G

EroticFandom Hot Batman Fangirl Ruby Violence

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