GeekGirlsOnline: Pussy Goes Pow with Pandora de la Salle

Pandora de la Salle is proving comics can be sexy in this Geek Girls Online update! She’s got a backpack full of them, and she’s going to read them but take her clothes off too. I love the way this set starts, with Pandora being handed the backpack from a car. She’s like a kid on Christmas morning with her bright smile and Iron Man t-shirt. Plus glasses.. never can resist a foxy nerdy girl, can we? And what’s this? A comic-strip skirt. I’m in love with this set: girls, comics, glasses! Can it get better? I get my answer as Pandora starts removing her clothes, only to reveal she’s commando underneath her skirt. Pandora, you think a first edition of Superman makes a comic nerd sweat? How about your hot pussy covered by an issue of The Flash? That’s the ticket. I really like Geek Girls Online and I recommend a visit, but because I want to get to the hot girls fast, I’d love to see a direct gallery link on their updates page, so I can jump directly to them! A minor quibble, and only because I want to see the sexy faster. Enjoy this update, fanboys and fangirls.

GeekGirlsOnline Pandora de la Salle Pussy Goes Pow
GeekGirlsOnline Pandora de la Salles Pussy Goes Pow

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